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Amber facts


Intersting facts about amber

  • During the Roman times, higher prices were paid for small amulets in amber than for healthy slaves.
  • In 79 AD, Plinius wrote that the women of northern Italy wore amber beads against thyroid.
  • Martin Luther carried a piece of amber in his pocket as a protection against kidney stones.
  • In ancient China it was customary to burn amber during large festivities. This practice both signified the wealth of the host as well as honoring the guests.
  • According to Mohammed, a true believer's prayer beads should be made of amber.
  • The father of healing, Hippocrates, declared amber active against a number of diseases including delirium tremens.
  • Over 2500 years ago, Thales of Miletos discovered that when amber was rubbed against cloth, sparks were produced and then the amber attracted husks and small wooden splinters. This force was given the name "electricity" after the Greek word electron which means amber.